G – gluten free  W – wheat free

Everything in this menu is VEGAN, meaning everything is free from dairy, egg and meat. Ask waitress about food allergens.


Mushroom pâté with smoked plum and sauerkraut-seed chip | G
5.80 €

Beetroot ravioli with cashew cheese and basil pesto
6.20 €

Cheese platter for two
(Cashew cream cheese, peanutbutter-cheese ball, grilled vegan halloumi, vegan greek style cheese, vegan cheese, olives, onion jam, grissini, ciabatta)
13 €
G – possible without gluten


Beetroot soup with chestnuts | G
5.10 €

Cream soup with pumpkin, sweet potato and sunroot | G
5.70 €


Fresh salad with „faux smoked salmon“ and vegan caviar | G
7.30 €

Bean noodle salad with roasted beetroot and vegan feta cheese | G
8 €


Coconut peanutbutter curry with sweet potato and pumpkin | G
8.90 €

Fish cutlet“ with smoky carrot cream, cauliflower sunroot puree and warm salad | G
9.80 €

Jackfruit-beetroot-chickpea balls with potato purée and creamy hempseed-plum sauce  | N

Spicy peanutbutter tempeh burger with sauerkraut kimchi and orange flavoured carrot
11.80 €

Chanterelle risotto with vegan parmesan in mushroom broth
12.00 €

Spicy oven-baked seitan tacos with cheese, guacamole and mango salsa

Special offer (ask more from waiter)
10.50 €


We use unrefined organic whole cane sugar

Pear ice cream on a cinnamon kataifi pillow
5.70 €

Cashew and sea buckthorn ball with blackcurrant filling and orange foam
G – possible without tuile biscuit

Cake selection 2.50-5 €