G – gluten free  

Everything in this menu is VEGAN, meaning everything is free from dairy, egg and meat. Ask waitress about food allergens.


Smoked seitan chorizo ca 270g *(not always available)

Seitan roast 600g *(not always available)

Smoked cashew & pumpkin seed cream cheese 200g *(not always available)

Cashew cream cheese 200g

Smoked carrot and cashew cream 200g  *(not always available)

Smoked carrot lox 150g

Basil & pine nut pesto 150g

Bread 600g/300g


French fries with vegan cheese sauce and smoky tofu 5.20€

G Creamy pumpkin-coconut-peanut butter purée soup with spicy Sichuan oil 5.80€
(Chilli oil is optional)

G Beetroot ravioli with cashew cream cheese and basil pesto 6.90€

Snack platter for two 12.80€
White bean & jerusalem artichoke hummus, muhammara spread, mushroom pâté,” “feta cheese,” spicy
“cheddar,” olives, roasted almonds, sourdough bread, papadam, smoked plum.


Vegan Caesar salad with fried portobello mushroom 8€
(G - possible without croutons)

Crispy battered cauliflower with rice noodles and slightly spicy curry sauce 8.80€
(Served with fermented spicy purple cabbage kimchi)

Slightly spicy udon noodle soup with smoked tofu and broccoli 9€

Vegetable-lentil lasagna with white wine sauce and zuccini-pesto salad 9.50€

G l  Oven baked sweet potato with little spicy orange flavoured tempeh and
mango-tahini sauce 10.20€

Burger with wild mushroom and pea protein patty, cranberry-onion jam, freshly salted
cucumbers, vegan cheese sauce and fries on the side 10.80 €

Sous vide cooked and grilled pumpkin with warm broccoli, kale and lentil salad,
mushroom cream and red wine sauce 11.30€

Vegan "fish & chips" - breaded tofish, potato & cheese croquettes, tartar sauce,
green pea & mint mash 12.90€


Ice cold Oreo “cheesecake” with plum cardamom jam 6€

G Passionfruit “cheesecake bite” with mango & raspberry sauce and meringue 6.50€

Cake selection (Oreo cake, Snickers cake etc....)